New Air Classifying Separation Equipment For Ultra-Fine Powders

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The air classifier is the world’s first air classifier capable of performing simultaneous, multiple classifications of ultra fine, dry powders. It contains no rotating parts due to the fact it relies on airflow and does not contain a classifying wheel. The elimination of these parts makes this air classifier ideal for abrasive and high purity powders and makes it the perfect fit for the BioMedical and Aerospace industries. This air classifier is capable of making up to three separations at one time!

The Coanda Effect:

“If a surface is placed near a freely flowing Jetstream, that Jetstream will flow along that surface.” The Coanda Effect is extremely strong: even along the curved surface of the Coanda Block, the attractive force between the wall and injected particle stream continues for quite some distance.

Utilizing the Coanda Effect:

A completely different operating principle from that of typical centrifugal classifiers- this air classifying machine will bring new levels of classification precision and efficiency to your operation.

Classification Principle:

An ejector unit accelerates particles before being injected by compressed air through a feed nozzle into the classifier. Then, by the Coanda Effect*, the jetstream will tend to flow along the coanda block. Each particle injected into the classifier has an inertia dependent on its size (mass). The smaller particles, with little inertia, will be highly susceptible to the Coanda Effect and will flow along closer to the Coanda Block.

The larger particles, with more inertia, will be less affected by the Coanda Effect and will fly farther out into the carrier air jet. Here, by setting moveable classifications edges as appropriate, particle can be classified by size with astonishing accuracy and efficiency.

A Smaller Solution: JET-SIEVE MLS 200



  • Uses standard 8” sieves (no need to purchase expensive custom made sieves)
  • Prevents inaccurate results due to screen blinding
  • Deducts statically bound fines that do not separate in conventional test sieves


  • For dry materials of all kinds from 20 to 1,000 microns
  • Superior for electrostatic materials
  • Excellent on products that tend to blind screens


  • Screen diameter: 8″
  • Electric requirements: 110V, 1 phase
  • Vacuum cleaner: max. 1,000 watts


  • Can analyze sample quantities between 1 and 200 grams
  • The sample material is first put on the appropriate sized screen
  • Select the proper screening duration on the timer switch
  • Press the start-button
  • With the use of a vacuum cleaner, the material is pulled through the screen by negative pressure
  • Simultaneously, the screen is cleaned by the air-knife with the use of positive air pressure from under the screen
  • Both the negative and positive pressure are adjusted with the use of a control dial. It is possible to reproduce any test with exact conditions any time

We can classify from 2 lbs to 5000 lbs per hour with our air classification system. Please contact us below for more information and to start a conversation.

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