Ultra Fine Powder High Energy Vibrating Screeners

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The Hi-Sifter is the latest breakthrough in advanced screening technology and is offered in North America exclusively by Elcan Industries. The machine excels in the pharmaceutical, food, and additive manufacturing (3-D printing) industries. The entire body and all product contact areas of the machine are polished stainless steel and allow for zero contamination. The high volume of energy being transferred to the screen allows for hard to screen metal alloys to flow seamlessly through the screen. The machine has a strong vertical vibration that allows for high rates of efficiencies and through puts without any blinding. The removal of any potential for contamination within the machine, explosion proof designs and high energy make the machine the precise fit for companies looking to add screening machinery to their manufacturing plants.

The Hi-sifter is offered in both a single or double deck design. The simple design of the machine allows for quick screen changing and minimal down time between runs. The machine is available in sizes ranging from 15 inches (400mm) to 40 inches (1000 mm). The smaller, 15-inch model is perfect for lab settings and is great for companies looking to due smaller tests and experiment on new products. The larger models achieve higher yields during production runs and have proven capable of screening difficult to separate products in numerous trials at Elcan.

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Screening Animal Feed on the Hi Energy Sifter

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Screening Carbon Black on the Hi Energy Sifter

Application Used:

Graphite, Glass Powder, Titanium, and more

We believe we can handle all screening and separating applications. Please contact us below for more information and to start a conversation.

Gyratory Tumbler Screeners

Minox Tumbler Screeners are renowned for their ability to provide efficient (95%+) separations and increased through puts. A combination of high-tech 3D motion and unique anti-blinding devices (air knives, brushes, ultrasonic, and bouncing balls) present materials to screen the surface efficiently and keep the holes open for the best possible results. The results are higher through puts and in spec materials that other screeners cannot achieve.


We can solve the most difficult screening challenges rapidly and efficiently. A wide variety of uses in almost all industries mean that development work is continuous and dynamic. New ideas for improvements are put into practice quickly and systematically in our own factory. You can also use our range of engineering technology for testing and for your own product and process development. We have various demonstration and test screening machines available. And of course we provide professional screening services, as well as a full range of spare and replacement parts for all common screening machines.


The Minox MTS has a modular design that makes it easy to handle. The machine ranges in sizes from 600-1000-1200-1600-2000-2400 & 2600 mm in diameter and can have up to five decks. The machine is available in mild steel, stainless steel, or with a pharmaceutical finish as well. The circular construction with central material feed and variable outlet positions makes it easy to clean. The machine has a patented adjustment system which allows the operating parameters to be set quickly and simply. The machine also has a MINOX-patented pneumatic lifting system for fast and safe screen exchange and a patented balancing system for low dynamic loads on the foundation.

Round Vibratory Screeners Separators


Sieves for Liquids
Sieves for Slurry and Wastewater
Sieve for Powder Screening
Vibrating Sieve for Powders

Rectangular High Efficiency Screeners

Our high performance screening machines type WA are used for classification of bulk material in the finest to medium grain size range. This screen type is a throw sieve which employs direct excitation of screen mesh; thus the screen housing only takes a statical function. It also preserves the building and/or the steel structure. No dynamic loads are transmitted as they are created by completely vibrating conventional screens and rigid connection to on-and off-going chute work is possible.


The high frequency vibration of the screen net effects to overcome the adhesive particle forces within the product, to loosen the product bed and to segregate the product mixture by throwing big particles above the finer ones and separating them by comparison with the mesh apertures. The machines attain unequal high specific screening capacities on the smallest possible space.

The combination of longitudinal tensioning of screen nets and free access affords easy and quick exchange of screen cloths. Maintenance of the outside the screening space arranged drives can be done during operation and due to the number of drives a possible failure of a drive does not necessitate to shut down the plant.


Standard machine sizes are in the range of 1,4 m² to 26,4 m² per screening deck resp. machine. Additional sizes and special constructions are possible on demand. Relating to these dimensions electrical power range is in between 0,52 kW to 3,9 kW(!)

We believe we can handle all screening and separating applications.

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