Vibrating Screeners For Any Size Separating Application.

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Sieves for Liquids

Circular sieve for viscous liquids. For over 25 years it has been the standard model to sieve slurries. The vibrations in all three axis ensure that the mesh is always free of residue and allow the machine to work continuously.

Construction Features

  • High Splashguard with quick fastening ring
  • Contact parts made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel base complete with ABS inspection door
  • IP 65 motor-driven vibrator with long life lubrication

Sieves for Slurry and Wastewater


Circular sieve for slurry and wastewater. This robust and reliable model has been enhanced in recent years with the addition of the 2000 size. The vibrations ensure that the mesh is always free of residue and allow the machine to work continuously.

Sieve for Powder Screening


Small vibrating sieve for powder screening. High efficiency thanks to the weight/centrifugal force ratio. Side outlet with internal inclined plane to facilitate the outflow of the product. Quick replacement of the sieving mesh, thanks to the practical band fastening system.

Vibrating Sieve Screener for Powders


Vibrating sieve for powders. High efficiency thanks to its weight/ centrifugal force ratio. Outlet at the side with internal incline to aid product outflow. The sieving mesh can be replaced quickly, thanks to the band clamping system.

Rectangualr Vibrating Sieve for Coarse Solid


Rectangular vibrating sieve for coarse solid sieving. High efficiency thanks to its weight/centrifugal force ratio. Direct discharge to ensure outflow of products that are prone to caking. The sieving mesh can be replaced quickly, thanks to the practical tensioning hook system.

Equipment for the Manual Emptying of Bags


Equipment for the manual emptying of bags containing powder or granular products. The product contained in the bag is emptied into the hopper and subsequently sieved. Suitable for food products.

Vibrating Security Screeners for Powders and Liquids


Vibrating security screener for powders and liquids. The reduced vertical dimensions facilitates the insertion of the machine into existing systems providing remarkable production capacity in small spaces. This machine is designed to be used in the most demanding food and pharmaceutical production cycles. It’s quick disassembly and ease of cleaning in addition to it’s crevice-free design, make it perfect for this application.

Circular Sieve for Sorting Powders and Fluids


Circular sieve with open bottom for sorting powders and fluids. Its special constructional shape guarantees vertical compactness. Especially suitable for sorting micronized products or colorants because it eliminates sieving “tails” or lumps.

Liquid Magnetic seperator with Automatic Cleaning


Liquid magnetic separator with automatic cleaning. The amazing strength of the permanent magnets made of neodymium used to construct the rollers and the exclusive automatic cleaning system make the DEMOVER a practical and efficient magnetic separator.

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