Revolutionary High Capacity Energy Efficient Biomass Drying

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Revolutionary Drying Technology Benefits!

We are purposefully not putting much information about our drying technology on this website, and instead want to point out some main benefits to our unique drying system. If you are at all interested in drying any material at a high capacity, please call us to learn more.

There is a never-ending demand for agricultural products throughout the world. As demand rises, there has been advancements in technology, increases in homeopathic medicine and a desire for natural/organic product rise which is causing a paradigm shift in how we need to grow, harvest and process crops that our society consumes. Drying crops and biomass has become an integral process of the paradigm shift to organic crops and biomass production.

1. Efficiency!

First and foremost, this is the most efficient dryer we have ever seen. In most cases we can dry 30-40 tons of material (green wood chips to 12% moisture or dryer) with less than 100 dollars worth of propane A DAY. We can also hook the unit up to be run on electric or natural gas if need be.

2. Footprint / Size

This technology is just now entering the market through a select group of companies and cannot be found everywhere. The entire system is designed to fit on 2 flatbed trucks. That’s it. 2 flatbed trucks worth of space and you can dry almost any product with extremely high capacities.

3. Mobility

We are the first national mobile crop drying service in the United States. Our unique concept gives us an immense advantage over traditional stationary drying systems that require expensive concrete platforms and a building big enough to house the units along with staging and bagging areas.

4. CBD Drying: Gentle When It Needs To Be

The problem facing many farmers is that after harvesting hemp it needs to be dried within 10 hours. A fixed drying system can only serve customers within a specific radius from the dryer. Our mobile dryers will be the solution to this problem, giving farmers direct access to a dryer they did not once have.

5. Power Generation

The natural clean energy that is created not only indirectly dries your material, it also has the ability to GENERATE power for your plant or location. Originally designed to be a mobile power generator, the heat was just a byproduct. Now we are using the heat, and the power is a byproduct that lowers your power bills or needs wherever you set up shop.

6. Custom Applications

We work with customers to create a specific system whether you are drying biomass, sludge, powders, food or anything else you can think of. each application is different, and each one will receive the attention to detail it needs.

7. Attention to detail

We don’t just sell you a large state of the art dryer and walk away. We can remote monitor the systems through our data center. We offer weekslong training to make sure the people running the machine know EXACTLY what they need to do to be successful. Before we even sell the machine we want to test material and take a couple days explaining the system and understanding your specific goals in person in front of a running dryer system.

8. Built To Last

The primary parts of the dryers are made with solid stainless steel and the turbines have only one moving part which minimizes potential breakage. With annual maintenance, these dryers can operate 24/7/365 for ten years prior to any major overhauls. Drying crops and biomass has become an integral process of the paradigm shift to organic crops and biomass production.

With rotary drum dryer systems costing 4-5 million dollars each with far less Op Ex efficiency, no power generation byproducts, no remote monitoring, and a large non mobile solution, we believe we have the best solution for the drying industry. We are competitive on pricing compared to current drying systems and offer long term value never seen in the market. Call us today to learn more.

We believe we can handle all drying applications. Please contact us below for more information and to start a conversation.

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