Revolutionary Powder Micronizing and Drying Technology

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Revolutionary Milling/Micronizing System Technology Benefits

We are purposefully not putting much information about our micronizing and drying technology on our website website, and instead want to point out some main benefits to our unique system that makes powders out of almost anything. If you are at all interested in powderizing and drying any material at a high capacity, please call us to learn more.

1. Size Reduction

First and foremost, this system efficiently breaks down the size of materials by pressing the particles apart rather than hitting them with an impact like many machines in the size reduction market do today. The machine is capable of reaching single digit micron powders with ease in 1 or multiple passes. it can handle everything from food to waste, to metals, to minerals. The more the material passes through the machine, the finer and dryer the material gets.

2. Footprint / System Size

This technology is just now entering major markets through a select group of companies and cannot be found everywhere. The entire system is designed to fit on 1 flatbed truck. That’s it. 1 flatbed truck worth of space and you can micronize and dry almost any product with high capacities relative to the industry standards.

3. A Positive Charge

The system naturally gives the particles leaving the unit a positive charge. This results in better flowability and increases time staying single digit dry, even in open ambient air.

4. Drying with Ambient Air (NO HEAT!)

The machine requires no heat to dry material from as much as 55% moisture down to 2 or 3% in one, or a couple passes based on the material type. The system rarely reaches a high temperature, and has the ability to run continuously based on the infeed product.

5. Food Grade

We offer a carbon steel and stainless steel option to accomidate a wide variety of markets.

5. Upcycle Food Waste

This machine has the ability to accomplish 2 MAJOR processes at one time. Anyone that knows milling knows the finer you go the harder and more expensive it gets. Anyone who knows drying knows the dryer you get the harder and more expensive it is. This machine takes both of those and does it at one time. As a result, industries like food powder processing that use both drying and milling to accomplish their goals would be a perfect fit. The result is a low moisture, high nutritional value (because with no heat, there is no nutritional value loss) and small particle size material that is shelf stable for months or even years. This would create a whole new world of available nutrition across the globe that to date expires and rots away. This machine has the ability to create an entire industry of food preservation.

6. Custom and Complete Applications

We work with customers to create a specific system whether you are drying biomass, sludge, powders, food or anything else you can think of. Each application is different, and each one will receive the attention to detail it needs.

We also have 35 years of experience to place this machine within a larger system that could include and kind of pre and post processing imaginable in carbon steel and stainless steel.

7. Attention to detail

We don’t just sell you a state of the art micronizing system and walk away. We can remote monitor the systems through our data center. We offer on site training to make sure the people running the machine know EXACTLY what they need to do to be successful. Before we even sell the machine we want to test material at our full scale test facility and take time explaining the system and understanding your specific goals.

8. Built To Last

The primary parts of the micronizer are made with solid steel. With annual maintenance, these machines can operate 24/7/365 for years prior to any major overhauls depending on the material being processed. Drying and powderizing has become an integral process of the paradigm shift to sustainable food production and storage.

With rotary drum dryer systems costing 4-5 million dollars each with far less Op Ex efficiency, no remote monitoring, and a large bulky solution, and the milling systems large with huge HP and low capacities… we believe we have the best solution for the micronizing and drying industry. We are competitive on pricing compared to current drying and milling systems and offer long term value never seen in the market. Call us today to learn more.

We believe we can handle all micronizing and drying applications. Please contact us below for more information and to start a conversation.

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