Our History

Arkin Sales is a family owned company in its second generation. Our loyal and caring sales team and employees have an immense amount of equipment and process systems knowledge across many different industries.


Guy Arkin Starts Arkin Sales Inc.

Guy started by pounding payphones and traveling all over the state in the process equipment industry with Prater in Chicago. Then, in a small upstairs office space, above a resale shop, in Clarendon Hills, IL, with the support of his wife Valerie Arkin, Guy Arkin started Arkin Sales Inc.


Headquarters Moves to Reedsburg, WI.

After long consideration, the Arkin family moved north to a small farming community in Reedsburg, WI. There, Arkin Sales would solidify its place in the industry being able to offer more services, more employees and a true location to call home.


Second Generation

In 2008 Jon Arkin was lucky enough to have the opportunity to submit a resume and land a job at Arkin Sales. This only came about because of a father son trip to the poultry show in ATL, where Jon realized the immense knowledge, respect, and friendships Guy possessed within this niche industry. Guy is one of a kind, and Jon knew he had to follow in his footsteps to build on what Guy had created.


Arkin Sales Today.

Today, Arkin Sales’ main office is in Kansas City, KS with other office locations in Minnesota, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Everyone at Arkin Sales is appreciative of the opportunity we get to serve the process equipment industry every day.

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